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Tree Carving Ltd.

After gaining a degree with honours in Illustration, specialising in children’s books, I became a tree surgeon for Acorn ArborCare (hmm...). Where’s the connection? There isn’t one really, but I needed a full time job and wanted to build up my illustration career outside of work.

I managed to get a children’s book commission from a tree work customer, which was published in America through Trafford Publishing. In the time that followed I didn't pursue my illustration career, but I realised I could actually be creative with the chainsaw and tried my hand at carving wood, and it seemed to work.

I carved for two years under the banner of Acorn Furniture and set up my own business in 2005. Since then I have worked in a wide variety of public places and private gardens.

My chainsaw carving exploits have taken me all around the world. I have now competed in competitions in the USA, Japan, Canada, Holland, Germany, Denmark and the UK, placing highly in many of them.

I produce fine pieces of artwork using waste timber or standing stumps, using a variety of power tools and hand tools. These works of art range from beautiful ladies in fine hard-woods, to owls and other animals in hardwoods such as Oak or Ash, or softwoods such as Cedar or Pine.

I’ve got a dedicated website for my tree carving, so please check it out here