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Wooden Wearables was born out of a love for hand carving and a desire to stand out from the crowd at a black tie event.

I picked the idea up whilst visiting a good friend in Germany, who had made several rustic-looking bow ties from different woods. I decided to give it a go myself, but instead of it looking hard and solid I wanted it to appear as if it was made of fabric, so I went about recreating the folds of a bow tie as accurately as possible. The fact that most people thought it was fabric confirmed I had got it right!

Whilst at a charity function (wearing my new wooden bow tie) I was offered a significant amount of money for it, which prompted me to think that there was a market for this unusual line of fashion accessory. I experimented and began to explore different types of wood I could use to create my pieces, and added more lines, such as cufflinks, rings and hair clips to my range. Wooden Wearables was born with the idea being that each piece is hand-carved by yours truly, making it a unique work of art.

The wood I use is responsibly sourced in the UK, from people who have wood they would either burn or leave to rot, such as tree surgeons and forestry contractors. I also produce large sculptures and installations under the name Tree Carving Ltd., and there is plenty of excess wood from those projects that gets used for Wooden Wearables pieces as well.

So, the wooden Wearables concept continues to grow with many new product ideas, and I sincerely hope they bring as much pleasure to the wearers as they do to the artist making them!