Wooden Wearables
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Wooden Wearables

Wooden Wearables is the amazing new line of wooden accessories created by internationally renowned tree carver Simon O'Rourke. 

If you've ever wanted to stand out from the crowd at a party or commit to your other half with a unique piece of jewellery, then a bow tie, wedding ring, set of cufflinks or wooden feather will certianly help you to do that. 

Each piece is hand-carved to the highest standard using a varied selection of locally-sourced woods. 

For a unique bespoke piece created using wood from your special year, speak to Simon. 


"Trying to find presents that are unique, unusual and show someone that you have thought long and hard about purchasing something more meaningful than the usual gift ideas are very difficult to come by. Simon and Liz's wooden wearables are perfect for that very occasion. The wooden cufflinks, are always a conversation piece too! Timeless classics! If you love wood then you can't go wrong."

- Jill Preston, Essentials Mag